HBOs New VR Productions Even Concern Adult Content

Posted by on 3. Februar 2017

The brand new Red Dead Redemption game by HBO continues to be teasing us with puzzles for months. Included in this: why doesnt every one who pays all of this cash go to Westworld only play computer games as an alternative?

It makes sense that if technologies are now advanced enough to enable individuals to 3 D-printing credible androids, computer games likely have gotten astounding. With this weeks show, we got our tantalising first flavor of what these future games could resemble.

In a scene close to the start of instalment, both android butchers we met a few episodes again are having a talk over the recently slain body of Maeve the Madam. Felix, the considerate person who looks like hes going to become a real nature, is still worrying over how they allow Maeve awaken and wander across the center. His dick-head co-worker Sylvester has more essential things on his head.

Sylvester tells Felix that its breaktime. Ive got a pork sandwich as well as a nubile redhead filled up in the VR container, anticipating coaching, he claims, before departing the chamber.

Unfortunately, Sylvesters pig-supported affair takes place off-screen. This can be nevertheless vital fresh info. We now realize that not only does VR exist on the planet of Westworld, however there are AQUARIUMS which you utilize for VR intercourse as we find on VRFilmsPornos?

This raises a wide range of concerns. Exactly what are these aquariums? Can you get included? Are there perhaps no tanks and Sylvester was only utilizing a flip of expression, like when we state, Ive got one in the container? (I expect not?) Is the pig hoagie genuine, or could it be also in VR? So how exactly does this VR pornography operate; and might it be better or worse than fucking a robot?

I trust that these queries is likely to be replied on following attacks of Westworld. Meanwhile, similar to using the identification of the Man in Dark as well as the located area of the Labyrinth, we can only just estimate the facts.


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